Okay, I know we all like Patch and want to know what he looks like (even though we all imagine him differently). But it would still be fun, right? Well, I have found the one they used as the cover model for the books. I may have mentioned him before, but it’s worth repeating. Drew Doyon. If they ever make a movie (which I hope they do, fingers crossed!), he would HAVE to play Patch. He’s exactly what the book describes. It’s pretty awesome. I found him on the Fallen Archangel website, and it was like Patch was right there! Admit it, some of you are jealous of Nora, but that was bound to happen. Tell me what you think:


Now be honest, tell me what you think (but don’t drool on your computer in the process, please). I think it’s a perfect match for Patch. Let me know! Happy Reading!