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Wise Old Indian

He was smart not to ever say anything. He probably saved himself a lot of grief. It would have been dangerous if he had decided to just start talking out of nowhere. He is my favorite character for sure. He has a good personality, even if only McMurphy is the only one that really knows about it. To not talk can be a blessing. Every year, for the first week of school, I never said anything except maybe to teachers. I was watching people and passing judgement over who to avoid and who to hang out with and who to watch. Observation is the best sense that humans have. It uses all 5 senses and you have to put everything together for a conclusion. It’s like meditation to me. That’s how I never got in trouble, I was just bullied beyond all reason. That for which I still have no explanation…. But watching is awesome because you learn so much. Chief Bromden knew everything about McMurphy and trusted him enough to talk to him. Even if it was an accident, he had to trust him because otherwise it never would have happened. That’s what I think at least. Happy Reading!


Old Nurse Ratched

She always seemed to have something against the patients, but no one ever knew why. She’s just a mean and bitter old women and no one likes her. McMurphy certainly got the best of her at one point in time, but he paid for it with his life. She was so mean to everyone and never had a good reason. Whenever my Grandma was hospitalized, we would make bets about her nurses because she had Kaiser. It was a way to make her laugh. Will this one be a Nurse Ratched you think? It was an entertaining little game that we played and she liked it so even if it seemed mean, it was worth it for her. The grudge that she against McMurphy was the biggest mystery of all. I think was absolutely normal and spying to have a way to shut them down. At least that is what my mom told me. But I really don’t know. The book paints him as an intelligent crazy person while the movie makes him look like a spy. But we will never know if it was just a director’s move or if it was true. Happy Reading!

Wow! There’s a book!  I’ve been watching the movie over and over again for years and never knew it was a book until now. I started two days ago and I love it so far. It’s kind of disappointing to read a book where you know how it will end, but at least I won’t cry this time. I was surprised that it was written from the Indian’s point of view, but I suppose that it is fitting. He is awesome, but I know how he feels. I can go a couple of days without talking to anyone and feel like I wasn’t missed. It’s a sad feeling, so I read a book and feel better or blast some music that describes how I feel and get over it. But this book is awesome! My mom and I always made jokes about Nurse Ratched. They were always funny jokes, but they were perfectly fitting. She was so mean to them with no reason, but I just got to part 4 so I have to finish it today, and I will. I’m excited. Happy Reading!

Reoccurring Nightmares

Scary things they are. I’ve had only two in my life. One when I was little and one right now. I wake up crying and clinging to whatever I can because I’m trying to keep something that they are trying to take away from me. It’s all very scary and I just don’t know what to say about it. I feel like a child that needs comfort from a parent. I can’t even describe the feeling that it leaves me with when I wake up. My dreamcatcher has been there for me since the first reoccurring one, but now it’s not working and I don’t understand it. I had another one last night.  I want them to stop but I don’t know how. Sleep is now a scary place. When I was little, I got over it by staying awake all night to make sure it didn’t come true. But with this one it is impossible to do that. The first was in my house. This one is in a made up place. How do you get rid of one of these? I don’t know what to do. I have eczema around my eyes that is getting worse every night that this goes on. It needs to stop now. I talk as though this has been going on for weeks, but it’s only been three days and I can’t take it anymore. Happy Reading!

Poor Guys

I’m proud of our soldiers who are brave enough to fight in any war, but I also feel bad for those who often come home a different person. It tears families apart because they cannot cope with the fact that the person is not the same. My cousin is a prime example. He’s actually to the point where he does not remember the good times in our family, he just remembers the war but especially his Humvee accident. It’s sad, but we can’t talk to him now because of his issues. He gets angry and violent. He’s a big guy too so it’s really scary. Eek. But it’s very sad and difficult for many families to deal with the loss. It may not be a real loss, but losing a piece of a person is bad enough sometimes. It’s like when my uncle got dementia. He didn’t really even remember his twin brother sometimes. It’s hard to deal with a person like that because you don’t want to scare them. My boyfriend’s aunt had a stroke and was remembering her father alive. They had to keep telling her that he was on the mantle and it especially hurt his wife. It was like reliving the death over and over again. If we could find a way to bring soldiers home and somehow clean their memories of the war, not take them away, just beautify them a bit, I think soldiers would be a little better to say the least. It’s too hard of a reality to cope with. Happy Reading!

Our Flag

The flag is a symbol of freedom and for many all they ever knew. The thirteen stripes for the thirteen original colonies and the fifty stars for our fifty states. It is an amazingly strong symbol for a country with so much behind us. Every war that we have been in we have done our best and tried to succeed and help as many in the process. I remember when I was little, I would stare at the flag when I was in class and it would pass my time because I could not grasp at why it was so pretty. When I was little I used to try to draw it but usually became inpatient and never had 50 stars. It was always more like 10. And about 5 stripes. Never right, but at least I tried. Some want to change it when we combine with Canada and Mexico? What kind of idea is that? Odd if you ask me. But our flag is pretty and I like it. If you can tell, I’m having trouble filling 4 days with this book, but I’m trying. Happy Reading!


War is a rough place. All of my grandfathers were in different wars. One in WWII, another in Vietnam. I know first hand what it’s like when they come back a different person, but luckily they have greatly improved. They now talk like normal people and can actually tell their war stories without breaking down into tears every few words. It was scary when they first came home, as my mother told me. I wasn’t born yet, which I find out is usually the case for everything. Grrr. . . But my grandfathers are okay now which makes me happy. Many of the men that came back from war are messed up badly even to this day. My cousin is fighting in Afghanistan and he literally thinks that he is invincible. He drives the hum-vees and was caught in an explosion once. He still has a piece of the vehicle in his head while everyone else died. My family has a long history in war. I’m actually related to a Civil War general that was a Confederate but switched sides when his wife became ill and the Union was the only place to treat her. Hopefully I will never have to go to war. Happy Reading!

The Things They Carried

Wow. This book was pretty. . . I don’t have a word for it. It was a love hate kind of thing. After a couple of chapters I had decided that I hated it, but by the end 9 hours later, I loved it except for the gore. Tim O’Brien really has a knack for writing incredible was stories. This particular one was based in the Vietnam War. The story itself was awesome, but I never expected to read it all in one day. I was going to read half and half, but I got halfway and couldn’t stop. Amazing description too. You can perfecctly imagine what he is talking about. I think my least favorite part was the animal torture. They had no reason to blow up the puppy or shoot the baby water buffalo until he couldn’t stand up anymore. Sorry to ruin anything, but maybe you want that kind of warning. There is also an entire chapter devoted to describing the first man he killed as he began to decompose. Definitely eat at the end of the book if you still have an appetite. Overall, it’s an amazing book. I would so recommend it to anyone that can handle what I’ve described because those are the worst parts. Okay, Maybe I sugar coated them, but that’s it. Awesome! Happy Reading!

The Lion King

Okay now. It’s a random day. This has got to be my favorite movie. I love the music, the story, everything about it. For Christmas a couple of years ago, my parents actually got me tickets to go see the Broadway production. I loved it. It was amazing. I love it especially when you go to watch something, and it appears so real and lifelike that you forget where you really are. That kind of feeling is awesome. Simba is my favorite, but it is so hard to find things with Simba! It’s frustrating. I look forward to a re-release because I know it becomes popular and common for a period of time. Last night, I was reading a book (how predictable) and I stopped reading to sing along with The Circle of Life. Awesome music. Elton John is certainly a genius. People don’t give him enough credit if you ask me. I think you all know I’m a Disney freak, so maybe that explains it, but The Lion King isn’t just a movie to me. I can’t really explain it. Everyone has a movie that they watch before a big game to pump them up. This is my pump up movie for life. It makes me happy. If I don’t have time for the movie at least once a month, I listen to the soundtrack that I finally invested in for $8 (actually I finally found it, no matter the price). Love it! A bloody book tomorrow, so stay tuned my friends! Happy Reading!


The Final Day (Yipee!)

Okay, after today I can say bon voyage to this book. I can officially put it down for a long time. Or at least until I have to move it because it is in my way. It has been quite a trip, but I’m tired of the view from this stateroom. If I could, I would swab the deck with it. I didn’t get it, it made me cry, it took me 4 days to read. . . I have other things to do with my life! My next book is about Vietnam, but it’s fiction. I think I’ll like it, or at least I hope I will. It was a book that tested my will power in finishing and made me very angry at some points, realizing that 3 hours and 30 pages went by. That’s all I read in 3 hours? I had a lot of stern talks with myself. I have never started a book and been unable to finish, so I would not let this tiny book stand in my way! No sir! So I did it, and now I never have to do it again. Thank goodness. Overall, it wasn’t that bad, it was just getting used to the language and lapses in the plot to discuss off the wall topics. Maybe Melville was a little crazy or just overanalytical. But, he is still one of the greatest authors in American history. We’ll just let this one settle to the bottom of the sea for now. Happy Reading!