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Too many good characters died at the end of this book for me to be happy at all. It’s just so annoying when authors kill off many good characters that people loved. It makes any subsequent books seem unreadable without their presence. To see some of them gone is like losing part of a family that you never had. It is something that you can’t ever get used to and it is so sad because there is also no escape from it. Everyone has to deal with it even if they do not want to. I hated losing my grandmother, but to lose my mother was even harder. Death is a guaranteed part of life, but it is the part that many are afraid to have to cope with. I will not say who died because I have decided that I don’t want to give anything away for people who haven’t read it yet. But I will say that I am sad to see most of the ones that did go go. I will say since many have asked me that none of the main three are gone. I mean Will, Elliot, and Chester. I won’t say anything about anyone else though. It’s still sad. Happy Reading!



Now that we know so much about these creatures it is very difficult to like them at all. They are creepy and evil and yucky all at the same time. It is sad that they considered that Elliot might have been one of them. The hardest part to understand is the actually means of reproduction that they have. To be part bug is probably the creepiest thing I have ever heard of. And to be able to do it to so many at the same time, it is simply incredible. They are incredible creatures, but scary at the same time. The Phase is the oddest thing that these creatures have done yet. So if they can’t clear people out enough to be able to take over, they use them to lay their eggs and as a food source. Gross beyond all reason. And to think of the innocent people who never knew what was coming and the fact that they were so Dark Lit that they never had a chance of fighting back or even against what was happening to them. And even if this failed, the Armagi would take place? It’s as though their plan was foolproof and would follow through either way. Scary to think of what this would be like if it was real at all….. And that there would be no more people…. Happy Reading!


Ok. From what I can tell this is the final book in the series, which makes me sad, but at least everyone is somewhat happy at the end. For once, I’m ahead of my blog. I’m happy now. But I really thought this book took an odd twist compared to the first four. It became a little too much fiction at some points for me to handle. But I liked the book overall. If you have read the first four, don’t let me stop you. In fact I encourage it, but just brace yourself for a little bit of a shock. The storyline overall makes sense, but the whole thing made me sad as I was reading but the end made me happy. In the next four posts, I may give something away to those that have read it, so I apologize in advance, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time somebody cursed me because of it. But I loved it. I’m sad that it is over but I’m also glad that it is over the way it is. They could keep going, but so many are no longer in the story that it would be impossible. I’m excited to share my favorite parts and see what you think of it. My favorite book series is over, and I’m sad. Help! Happy Reading!


Well, the Olympics are over, and I’m sad that they are. But I really am pleased with how they went. It was nice to be on ally soil for an Olympics, and even though I’m USA all the way, I’m proud of Great Britain for what they pulled off this year. They made so much history and reached goals that they have been striving for for decades. Everyone always asks what my favorite event is. I have to say I always enjoy gymnastics, but this year it was the volleyball and swimming that got me out off my couch. I was right in front of the TV yelling at the athletes. My boyfriend got quite annoyed I have to say, but he did the same thing during wrestling, boxing, and basketball. I call it fair. I especially love Michael Phelps. He has done some wrong things in his past, but I believe that he has realized his mistakes and will never do it again, if he’s smart. He has smashed so many records and made so many of his own that he will be remembered long after he retires. I hope he hasn’t, but then again, I’m okay with it. As my boyfriend put it, he’s making a wise choice to go out while he’s on top and not giving himself a chance to be remembered as the one that was somebody. I loved the entire event though. I don’t ever remember watching so much of it, but I’m happy with the result. Happy Reading!


Dark Light

The dark light is one of the scariest things I have ever read about. I would hate to have something planted into my mind and have no control over it and never remember any of it. It is a scary concept and to have it in your mind with no escape. Will was affected in a way that left him wanting to jump to his death. Drake had a lot of it in him, but because of his logical mind, he was able to escape it in a way, or at least block it out. Mrs. Burrows had it the worst though. She had been so affected that she had become an entirely different person, or organism. She was able to sense things that she never had before, and smell things she never could have imagined. If anything had been horrible about her before, it was all replaced by her new super skill. She had found a way to block the evil and was finally successful in making something of herself which she greatly enjoyed and was very proud of. The Styx could have never imagined what it did to her, and they probably considered themselves a failure after finding out. She was the only Topsoiler to have ever beaten them at their own game. But she was incredibly lucky that the Second Officer took her in. Without his help, she never would have survived or made it back to the surface and her family. Happy Reading!


Bartleby and Colly are just awesome. If I could  have a cat I  would pick something like this. I like dogs a lot better, but they are like cats and dogs combined. They are very smart and very sensitive to their environments, and I believe they are probably the best crossbreed there could have been. I love that they can come in different colors. It makes them even more unique. I’m sure that if they were real, they would be quite beautiful creatures even though them are hairless. The description of them reminds me of an Egyptian cat. They are hairless but they are sleek. They are loyal like any pet would be, but they do have a wild side. They are a fearless creature that would protect their companions to what ever lengths they had to go. They are so adorable and friendly, they are kind of like another type of human. These creatures feel emotion and they are even able to express it in their own ways. Without these creatures, Will may not be alive. He owes his life to Bartleby for saving him from the Stalkers. I love these animals, even if they are made up! Happy Reading!

World Inside the Earth

This would be a scary concept to try to wrap your head around. But, in reality it is impossible. But it would still be amazing to know that when things left the Earth’s surface, they had somewhere to go. It would be nice to know that animals like the Quagga and Dinosaurs had somewhere to go and didn’t actually go extinct. The idea of knowing that you are the last of your kind is very scary. Knowing when you die there will be no more ever because that is how it was meant to be. But why did a large group of people go to the center? I’m asked that question a lot by others that have read the series. The reason is very simple though. A large group of the german army was sent underground to find a way to come up underneath London and take the city by force. The only reason that they are still there is because radio frequencies don’t carry that far and they didn’t know when to surface, so they just decided to live there. It was a genius plan that had a minor glitch and totally failed. But the fact that they are at the disposal of the Rebeccas is a terrifying idea. They were the most ruthless army to walk the Earth, and the Limiters are the most ruthless army ever, so they have the two most powerful armies ever to go after Will. And what does will have? Himself, his dad, his kitty, and his secret weapon, Elliot. If she wanted to take out a large part of the army, I’m sure she could. All by herself. Happy Reading!



Well now we’re in deep, really deep. Dr. Burrows, Will, Elliot, and Bartleby have found their way down to the Garden of the Second Sun. It’s basically like Journey to the Center of the Earth.  But everything that is no longer on the surface of the Earth is now here in the middle.  Uh oh. And the Rebeccas have now found the most ruthless soldiers to walk the Earth, the rest of the German army from World War II. This is almost like handing them a new army of Limiters, even though they have an army of  them now. They are now armed and dangerous. Plus they have Mrs. Burrows, who has retreated deep into herself because of the Dark Light. She has escaped what is around her, but she is still alive.  But Drake was saved by a Styx claiming to be Elliot’s father. He has agreed to help Drake in anything that he needs to do to make sure that they succeed in stopping the virus from surfacing and save all the ones they care about. And Chester finally made it Topsoil again! But then Martha bonks him on the head and hides him in a closet. She has found him to be a replacement in Chester for her son Nathaniel. But they are all in trouble for now. Happy Reading!

Early School Year

Why in the world does the school year start so early nowadays? It used to start after Labor Day and end at the same time. But it starts at the beginning of August now? Why would they do that now? Especially when kids are even more not into school. Go figure. But my life depends upon the school year, and I feel like my summer got cut short. It’s not fair! But we go to school so early it’s like our summer is being ripped away. They actually start on Thursday, and my cousin actually started on the first. School is getting so competitive that it isn’t funny, yet the kids don’t care. They say the class that is graduating this year is the last good class. And I see it. None of the younger classes have any respect for anyone, not even themselves. It’s sad to say but it’s true. And it’s also scary that these will be the ones ruling America when we’re older. I don’t want that time to come but it’s inevitable. Happy Reading!

Tough Girls

This whole series is full of girls that do things many others would not. Rebecca(s) for one. She raised a family that wasn’t even hers and seemed to have no problem with it. And then she became the leader of her race when she was next in line. She’s too young to be that powerful that early in her life. Amazing though. And the fact that everyone listens to her and does absolutely everything she says. And then there’s Sarah. She had literally been running for her life for years, and they could never find her. She always knew what to do and how to do it to avoid being caught. Then she goes to work for the ones that were chasing her all those years? But she spites them by giving her life to throw the twins over the edge of the Pore. She was brave, and had always been there for her children. Then of course, Celia Burrows is showing her tough side. She is determined to solve the mystery of her missing family on her own since no one else is looking elsewhere. She is getting ready to start searching, and she is training herself and acting in a way that she never has before. She is an angry Mommy, and she will find what is hers. And finally, the ultimate tough girl, Elliot. She always goes first, she sets the traps, she kills the Limiters, and she calls the shots. You would think that the boys had a problem being bossed around by a girl, but not Elliot. She carries herself in a way that is commanding yet not superior. She orders them around all the time in a way that convinces them she is helping them survive, and she is. Elliot rules and everybody loves her. Even if they don’t like her orders sometimes. Happy Reading!